As head of IT in the “Water Supply and Drainage” division of Zagreb Holding, I can say that we are satisfied with the services of ProtOK who maintains the GIS applications of our system. Our satisfaction has greatly increased lately after the improvement of certain applications, in particular the web modules as well as improvements to the applications for network faults and the new versions of ProAqua in our cadastre department. We hope that such improvements will continue to our mutual satisfaction.

- Želimir Delač, BSc. in Electrical Engineering - Zagreb Holding, Water Supply and Drainage

The GIS software from Protok, Zagreb, represents a large breakthrough, but also a challenge for every utility company. After installation of the program and training of the staff that will handle this task, it became clear what a powerful tool it is, because it offers so many different applications for the input, storage and analysis of various data. Significant advantages are the possibility of upgrading with related business programs, and that which should be emphasized: - recognition and completion of data with required analytics which enables the making of correct management decisions. Any sloppiness and delays in the data-gathering process in the field represent a great danger for every company and create the risk of failure with all of its consequences.

- Vlado Franjić, BSc. in Mechanical Engineering - Technical director, JP Vodovod Bihać